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The Complete Collection @ bundle price

Get The Entire Salad Card Deck Collection Today & Save 45%!

You can purchase all 6 Salad card decks in one bundle and save 45%!

Here's what you’ll get...

  • Irresistible Influence Cards (normally £24)
  • NLP Belief Buster Cards (normally £24)
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards (normally £24)
  • NLP Coaching Cards (normally £18)
  • Instant Happiness Cards (normally £15)
  • Instant Wealth Cards (normally £15)

Total cost individually : £120.00 plus UK VAT and shipping

Bundle price : £64.99 plus UK VAT and shipping

"I just wanted to thank you and Salad for the awesome card pack I recently purchased from your site. They are an invaluable study tool for me and have helped me gain new insights into language patterns. My fellow students in my NLP Master class were duly impressed as well and I expect them to be ordering cards. Thanks for all your great work!"

Irresistible Influence Cards are geared towards winning business, and bringing people around to your way of thinking. They are focused on discovering people's wants, needs and desires and then using language in the most influential way to get them to buy your ideas, products or services.

NLP Belief Buster Cards are for learning the patterns of Sleight of Mouth, for doing conversational belief change. Now, the patterns known only to a handful of NLP wizards can be yours for mastering.

NLP Coaching Cards are for finding out what's going on in someone else's map of the world, then coaching them to enrich that map. They are fantastic for setting goals, clearing obstacles, and shaking up limiting beliefs. They also include techniques for wiring in the infamous NLP Meta Model, the world's most powerful information-gathering and problem-solving tool.

Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards are for putting people into trance, and guiding them to access the resources that will help them make certain changes. These are great whether you're doing formal hypnosis, public speaking, or just want to tell more engaging stories.

Instant Happiness Cards will help you live richer, happier, more fulfilling lives, & get more of the results you want. Your health, relationships, finances, work and even your spiritual life will benefit & prosper as you play with these cards. Pick one at random to find the solution to a current problem, or have fun playing the Instant Happiness card game with friends

Instant Wealth Cards are for increasing your wealth and achieving financial freedom by changing your psychology around money. These cards use the patterns of NLP & Hypnotic language to install the habits, attitudes, beliefs & actions of wealthy people

Sooner or later most people interested in NLP, hypnosis, coaching or increasing wealth & happiness want these cards anyway - so when you buy these cards now means you won't have to spend more later.

*When you buy all 6 decks together now, you can get all 6 decks for just £64.99 plus UK VAT (if any) and shipping.*