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Eventually I Realised That to Become Truly Confident, You Need to Become Truly Competent

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When I started learning and using NLP, with some reading or some training under my belt, I was not yet able to get the kind of consistent results that I knew are possible (I wanted to be able to create the kinds of sudden & profound shifts I'd read about in books like 'Frogs Into Princes').

It's a common feeling for new NLP practitioners. Knowing lots of great NLP techniques, but not quite sure of how to put them all together to create powerful, lasting shifts that help you build a reputation for results.

Everyone wants to do the kind of linguistic magic that can give people powerful insights and solutions in the course of an 'ordinary' conversation - don't you? This is one of the things that first attracted me to NLP - I loved the idea of becoming a master of language, but didn't feel entirely confident using so-called 'language patterns'.

Intuitively knowing that to become truly confident, I realised you have to become truly competent. I wanted to be able walk into any coaching situation with the kind of off-the-scale confidence in my abilities that would translate into BIG results, whether I was working with a friend over dinner, or the CEO of a multi-national company. To do that, you basically have to build a level of skill that earns you genuine confidence.

Just wanted to thank you for the time we spent together on Monday. I can honestly say it was the most helpful, relevant and effective coaching/training/therapy I have ever had by some way. [Rob Taylor - Head of Field Sales, Caudwell Communications]

People often ask what it is that's needed to do this. While some of it is down to my sales skills, I've got to admit that I've never been the world's greatest salesman. In fact, most of my 'persuasion & influence' ability has come as a result of applying what I've learned studying NLP. I believe that there are three main things that have led to my success as an NLP coach :

  1. Attitude - Over the years since I did my first NLP Practitioner training, I've made a number of 'attitude adjustments' that have significantly improved the results I get. The 'NLP Coaching Attitude' I now teach is the result of those adjustments.
  2. Approach - NLP offers an amazing 'toolkit', but I needed a structure so I could use the tools effectively in a coaching situation. I developed an 'outline structure' through years of trial & error.
  3. Skills - The key to doing effective NLP Coaching is skill. It's not enough to know techniques, you need to have the perceptual skills that let you know what technique to use where, & how to make sure it works effectively. One of the key skills is language - if you've ever wondered why it looks so easy when the top NLP trainers demonstrate techniques, it's because they're using a combination of perceptual skills & language to make the results bomb-proof.

Delegates on courses have told us "These coaching techniques are amazing - you've got to get a recording of this stuff!". So we found a great opportunity - spend a day with a group of coaches at one of the country's leading coaching organisations, teaching & demonstrating NLP Coaching skills. What they got was an in-depth masterclass which revealed some of the most powerful attitudes, frameworks & techniques for creating profound changes, quickly & easily. And we got it all on tape.

Better yet - as we listened back to the recording of the event, something clicked - this is the material that most new coaches wish had been able to listen to.

Better Coaching Skills with NLP

Here are just a few of the things we used these processes to do (the processes you'll learn from these audios):

  • Helped a musician to clarify his goals & clear obstacles so he could focus on his dream (he's since won an Emmy award for his soundtracks).
  • Worked with a small business to develop their strategy, then follow through on their plans & get a five-fold increase in income.
  • Helped numerous people to change limiting beliefs, overcome fears & start living the lives they desire.

You can use use these processes in every single situation you go into with a client or prospective client. For example :

  • Executive coaching clients (in fact, these tools are a BIG part of why you can charge a healthy fee for executive coaching sessions).
  • Teams of people when you're engaged to help develop strategy, vision and team alignment.
  • People you're training; these processes help you to help others make the fastest progress.
  • Personal coaching clients who want to make changes that really work!
  • Yourself! These are the processes you can use to help yourself change the patterns that have held you back!

These are the processes that will help you develop "real-world mastery" of NLP, especially when it comes to coaching others. Imagine being able to:

  • Walk into any coaching session feeling confident that you can make a big, positive impact on someone's life. I can't tell you just how good it feels to know this - your level of confidence gets a big boost when you realise that you have genuine value to offer anyone who you spend time with!
  • Have a real sense of direction in coaching, knowing that you don't have to worry about being 'lost' or not knowing what to do next.
  • Build a reputation for results: after all, your reputation is your most precious asset - when people experience just what you're capable of, they'll tell others. And you probably already know that positive word-of-mouth is the best marketing there is.
  • Reap big rewards from making a profound difference in people's lives. The rewards can range from emotional & psychological to social & financial. Whatever's important to you, there's nothing quite like the feeling you get from knowing someone's life has been improved because you're in it (& there's nothing quite like the sense of freedom you get earning a living doing something you love).
  • Know at the deepest level that you really matter; that you make a difference in people's lives; that you are an important & valuable part of the world you inhabit.

What you will learn

Here are some of the specifics you're going to start mastering as you listen to these audios & put what you discover into practice:

Disc One

  • A technique you can use to covertly calm yourself & the people you're coaching at the beginning of a session (or at any other time!)
  • You'll hear me tell the group about new discoveries in the field of Social Intelligence (I'm actually using this to inoculate against the "Isn't NLP manipulative?" concern that some people raise - you can use it too to put your clients' minds at rest).
  • 'The unwritten value' that keeps people from changing (understanding this is one of the keys to making lasting change). You'll also discover the unexpected reason why comfort zones are a good thing, & how you can use them to your advantage!
  • You'll discover why active listening doesn't work (then I'll show you what does).
  • You'll hear me demonstrating a powerful technique you can use to create a communication channel directly to a client's unconscious mind. After all, change always takes place at the unconscious level, so that's where you need to focus your efforts.
  • For the first time ever, I'll reveal the powerful six-step coaching structure I've developed over the past 9 years to get lasting results. This is the process I use in every situation, whether it's working with an individual client, or an entire group.
  • You've heard that the words are just 7% of the communication? You'll hear me debunk this nonsense once & for all (then you'll hear me explain why it can still be useful.)
  • Did you know that when you get the first 15% of the process "right", it massively increases the likelihood of a successful result? You'll discover how the things you do immediately before a coaching session can have a huge impact on the results you get.
  • People will tell you everything you need to know in the first minute of a session. You'll learn the weird technique that allows you to see & hear the things that will make the difference, things that are invisible to most people!
  • You'll discover why the conscious mind's representation of a problem, the story they tell you, is not the answer! I've heard coaches wade around in this stuff for hours, looking for the 'reasons' for a problem or issue. They've been looking in the wrong place!
  • The questions that you need to help yourself and your clients get a laser-like focus on your goals (in fact, you'll hear me demonstrating many of the questions from our bestselling NLP Coaching Cards, with live demonstration subjects.)

Disc Two

  • You'll learn a powerful way of understanding rapport that will help you achieve trust more quickly & easily.
  • The simple frame that Milton Erickson knew that allows you to master any skill - it's easier than you think!
  • The simple shift in a person's language that can make huge changes in their experience (I've had people come back to me a few months later saying that this one thing has changed their life).
  • Demo #1 - A live demonstration with a man who wanted to feel confident in his coaching sessions, & avoid messing up. You'll hear me go through the entire coaching process in a matter of minutes to help him make big shifts in his confidence.
  • How to notice your clients unconscious responses, & test your hypotheses with their unconscious!
  • The 'verbal aikido' phrase you can use when someone can't find the answer to your question - at least 50% of the time the answer magically appears when you ask this (admittedly weird) question!
  • The secret that only the most skilled NLP Practitioners apply, but that reveals incredible insights about where to go & what to do with your clients (when you do this, you will be one of the few who use this powerful approach). Hint: your clients unconscious mind will communicate with you covertly - this is how you pick up that information!
  • The fiendishly simple question that gets your client to start focusing on new possibilities - you can use this in virtually any situation (you'll hear me demonstrate it with virtually every person I work with because it's so useful).
  • The most powerful way there is to elicit powerful states in your clients. After all, states are one of the keys to becoming highly skilled at changework.
  • You'll hear me ask for a volunteer & not get one. So I tell a few 'seemingly irrelevant' stories then ask again: all of a sudden, 3 people put up their hands!
  • In fact, you'll hear me using metaphor repeatedly throughout this programme - that's one of the reasons that the lessons you learn will be so deeply embedded in your unconscious. See, I use NLP to teach NLP - I'm pretty much always demonstrating what I'm talking about.
  • You'll get my 'sceptic-buster' technique - you can use this quick story with anyone who's sceptical about coaching, NLP, or anything else. Within moments, they'll stop being sceptical & start becoming curious.
  • You'll discover the way to get rapport fast - I mean really fast, in under 30 seconds. As you feel that deep sense of trust kicking in, you can feel good knowing you're going to get what you need to make powerful changes with your clients.
  • The powerful frame I learned from the world's best living Ericksonian hypnotist that will transform the way you perceive your clients' challenges.
  • Demo #2 - A live demonstration with a woman who wanted to have unconscious competence in using hypnotic language. You'll hear me highlight metaphors in her language, then use those metaphors (as well as powerful questions) to create big shifts.
  • The most powerful tools there are for helping people to move beyond their limited ideas of themselves, and to discover how they've been keeping success at bay!
  • You'll hear me demonstrating various sleight of mouth patterns. (Sleight of mouth is one of my favourite things in NLP).
  • A simple affirmation that will instantly increase your coaching power. I mean instantly! You'll start noticing responses as soon as you say it.
  • Demo #3 - You'll hear me working with someone who's experiencing resistance, using the most powerful way to overcome resistance (well actually, you don't overcome it - with this technique, you can feel any resistance melting away).

Disc Three

  • You're going to discover some of the most powerful 'frames' there are for shifting limiting beliefs. These are not 'language patterns' or 'techniques' (though you can use this frame to generate them) - they are ways of perceiving a person's beliefs differently yourself that give you enormous power to shift them. I can count on two hands the number of people I've met in the NLP community that actually know this powerful material (aside from the people I've trained personally, of course).
  • The 'magic phrases' you have to know if you want to uncover the hidden obstacles that stop people moving forward.
  • A way to instantly give you better communication skills, in any situation (this tip is crucial if you want to use hypnotic language elegantly & effortlessly.)
  • Demo #4 - In this live demo you'll hear me working with a woman who had limiting beliefs installed by well-meaning parents.
  • Provocative coaching - humour is one of the most powerful tools there is for change, & I use lots of it in this case to get big changes fast. The more serious someone is, the more their critical faculty kicks in - humour is an important tool for getting the critical faculty to step aside long enough to shift limiting beliefs.
  • The belief-buster challenges you can use to start uncovering and dismantling limiting beliefs, using nothing more than simple questions.
  • Auditory accessing cues - you may have seen eye-accessing cues, but now you're going to hear what a person's auditory accessing cues can tell you.
  • The secret of using negation to ask an astonishingly simple question that will instantly get a person to imagine a new empowering belief in a situation where they've been limited. The first step to establishing a new belief is getting someone to think of it, and this is the quickest, easiest way to do it.
  • You'll also hear me demonstrating lots of reframing, going through well-formed outcomes, & generalising positive changes. The great thing is, I've designed it in such a way that beliefs which may have been limiting you can start to shift as you listen!
  • Demo # 5 - You'll hear a woman who believed she couldn't play sports make big changes fast.
  • The tools you need for drilling down into someone's reality. Without these, you may think you understand what they're talking about, but you don't!
  • You'll discover the 'success formula' I learned from modelling a multi-millionaire entrepreneur.
  • You're going to get 'hypnotic language in a nutshell', as I describe & demonstrate some of the most useful hypnotic language patterns for coaching. Better still, I'll reveal the keys to get hypnotic language to work easily for you.

Disc Four

  • You'll learn about one of the biggest barriers to learning, & how you can overcome it to accelerate your learning by leaps & bounds.
  • You're going to get 'hypnotic language in a nutshell', as I describe & demonstrate some of the most useful hypnotic language patterns for coaching. Better still, I'll reveal the keys to get hypnotic language to work easily for you.
  • Embedded commands: you'll discover how to communicate directly with someone's unconscious mind.
  • What's more, I'll prove to you that you're even better with language than you realise, & that you already have the cognitive structures for unconscious competence with the language of coaching - you just need to know how to activate them.
  • An exercise that will improve your ability to anchor powerful positive states to use with your clients - you actually have to do the exercise to get it to work though :-)
  • You'll learn the four keys to effective anchoring (these are some of the finer distinctions that really make a difference - as you master them, people will be amazed by the 'effortless magic' you can do).
  • I once worked with a group who were extremely anti-NLP & anti-NLP-Trainers - you'll hear how I used a little-known secret of state control to win them over.
  • You'll get a different perspective on the presuppositions of NLP - after all, by this point you'll have experienced me demonstrating them over & over again. See, it's not just about trotting them out, it's about embodying them in what you do.
  • By the way - what would it be like if you absolutely knew that your clients worked perfectly, so you don't need to fix them; just help them discover & apply the resources they have within them? By the time you've listened to this, you'll believe it!

Disc Five

  • In this section of the programme, we'll be walking through the coaching structure, & connecting it up to all the things we've been doing.
  • The ultimate technique for helping you to figure out what's going on in someone else's reality. If you don't know how to use this, you are missing the most powerful way there is to trigger your own intuitions about what someone is thinking and believing. It's like having a secret spyglass for looking inside their mind!
  • A question that can give you a near-miraculous ability to help even the most negative clients to create a compelling future for themselves. Finally, you'll have a solution for people who say "I don't know what I want".
  • Demo #6 - You'll hear me use a simple question to reveal the hidden motivations and deep desires that are really driving a person. If you don't know these, people's behaviour is often baffling, but when you discover these drivers, suddenly even the most bizarre behaviours make sense.
  • Did you know that your clients will try to hypnotise you, often in unpleasant ways? This is one of the reasons many coaches feel drained. You're going to discover a simple way to avoid this unhealthy phenomenon.
  • The 7 types of evidence for change - how do you know when what you've done has worked? Becoming aware of the different levels of evidence is the first step (by the way, did you know that the 'conscious mind report', the thing the client says to you, is actually the least effective evidence of change?)
  • Did you know that Milton Erickson used to hypnotise people, take them six months into the future, then get them to discover how they solved the problem they'd come to him with? You'll hear me use this 'pseudo-orientation in time' approach to create a compelling future.
Empowered me to change the way I deal with people, which has made an enormous difference to our clients and myself.

Of course, this audio is also chock full of nested loops, covert & overt metaphors, embedded commands & boatloads of hypnotic language; I use NLP to start installing the attitudes & skills of NLP while you listen (you still need to practice though!)

There are overt & covert demonstrations & a huge variety of NLP patterns & techniques which mean you can listen to it over & over again, discovering new layers, skills & approaches every time (this is one of the ways I developed my skills, by the way: listening to audios by the best, repeatedly asking myself "What's his intention when he says that?")

There are also 6 demos - this is the difference between theory & practice - you even get to hear me screw stuff up occasionally! I'm not perfect - I make mistakes too - that's how I learn, & it's how you can too.

Dozens of the NLP Coaching Card & Hypnosis card patterns - if you've read the cards but haven't quite figured out how to use them elegantly in challenging situations, now's your chance.

Who is this for?

I'll start (as usual) by saying who it isn't for.

  • It isn't for people who just want the theory but don't want to get their hands dirty. Only purchase this product if you want to develop real skills & understandings.
  • People who work in the area of change or are studying it will obviously benefit, including NLP Practitioners, therapists, coaches, trainers, doctors, consultants and the like.
  • Parents are also an obvious choice, & people whose friends or colleagues look to them for advice & guidance.
  • People with management responsibility, or who rely on other people's efforts to get their own results can benefit from getting better coaching skills with NLP.
  • And of course, anyone who owns a deck of Salad cards, or is interested in language. This audio contains real-life examples of the patterns from the NLP Coaching Cards & Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards in action. It is an excellent resource for supporting your language learning.