Conversational Belief Change using Sleight of Mouth

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Finally, you can get inside Sleight of Mouth so you can learn these Jedi-like NLP patterns, become a master of Conversational Belief Change & create TRUE FREEDOM.

Language is one of the most powerful tools there is for communication, change, influence & creating the kind of experiences in life that you desire. These aren't just a few fancy words – these are the tools of freedom, purpose & inspiration – the very reason there's an "L" in NLP!

But when it comes to learning language, there's a problem. Language goes by fast. With covert patterns, it's not just fast – it's almost INVISIBLE.

So over the years, SALAD has developed a variety of products for helping people develop their language skills. But we still weren't satisfied - we were convinced that there was a way to do it better, to make it easier & faster for people to get real results with this stuff.

So we created a new type of NLP product – something no-one has ever done before.

... it's like being able to FREEZE TIME and gaze deep into someone's mind and SEE A BELIEF changing before your eyes ...

... and because I literally stop time in the commentary -- you'll be able to keep up with the changes as they happen and sooner than you think you'll be mastering this stuff...

Watch the video clip above to see exactly what I'm talking about. You're going to get access to over 40 of these "unpackings" where I share inside secrets that you can watch for yourself & see & hear exactly what I'm talking about as your comfort & confidence with these tools develop.

Imagine having a reputation for being able to do real linguistic magic, & create the kind of results that most coaches & NLP Practitioners never come close to achieving.

... you're going to be getting insight into how NLP really works ...

... how to use your language to create change ...

This MP4 or DVD video will teach you how to DO Sleight of Mouth and Conversational Belief Change like no other resource ever has.

You can probably tell we're proud of this -- you're right. This is EXACTLY what I would have crawled to the moon and back for when I was learning these patterns...

You're getting this unique video time-freeze training when you get your copy of the programme.

Here are some of the things you're going to see & hear on the DVD

Here are some of the formal "sleight of mouth" patterns you're going to be getting a masterclass in as you watch & listen to your DVD:

  • A way of pacing a person's belief that subtly reframes it as "just an idea" before you've officially started working on it. You may already be aware that I like "starting before you start" but this lets you take it to the next level!
  • The "magic buttons" people will give you without even noticing it. You may be shocked at how blatantly and effectively you can press the button without the person you're talking to even batting an eyelid. But every time you hit the button, you're building rapport at the deepest level.
  • The mind-boggling patterns of "belief-change Aikido". These are some of my favourite patterns because a) they get the person to create real-time counter-examples for their belief and b) they're really fun to generate (and I almost forgot to mention c) they're incredibly powerful & effective)
  • The simple questions you can use to elicit the deep unconscious structure of beliefs. Beliefs are like icebergs – 90% of them are below the surface. But when you know how to reveal the deep structure, they float right up where you can see them. While this is great for changing limiting beliefs, you can use the very same questions to unpack the empowering beliefs of top performers!

Have you ever wondered how people know what's real? This is one of the keys of conversational belief-change, & you're going to see it first-hand. Better yet, you'll learn exactly what to ask to find out (& more importantly, the subtle clues that give you the answers that matter).

Do you know how easy it is to create new beliefs about a belief? You're going to discover for yourself!

You may have read about how to use changes in timeframe, number & size to create HUGE belief-shifts, but we're going to show you how it's done in 'rough-going'. More importantly, many of these shifts are made at the level of presupposition, so the change happens before your conscious mind has time to catch up with it.

Provocative approaches that perform a counterintuitive quadruple-whammy! First, they assume a disarmingly deep level of rapport. Next, they activate an instinctive unconscious response that subtly undermines the perceived limitation, third, they instigate an automatic search for counterexamples. Finally, they result in gales of laughter, which release powerful neuro-transmitters that support the transformation process.

The amazing impact you can have just by changing a single word. By this point in the video, you'll see me stacking up multiple patterns together, one on top of the other. The impact is enormous, & you'll see external evidence as Jill experiences skin colour changes, laughter, mis-speaking & all the signs of confusion – which is just where we want her before changing the belief for good.

You'll see how you can use one of the most powerful forces in human beings to align with what's most important in your life.

All through the video, you'll see & hear how you can use time-language to make rapid changes. At one point during this session, I invented a powerful new time-pattern that you can use in those frustrating situations where people say "I'll know my belief has changed when the results show up in my life."

You'll hear how I use the 'Consequence' pattern in an incredibly provocative way that you won't read about in ANY of the NLP books. The thing I say is so extreme that it's not even appropriate to write it down, because that wouldn't show you the body language & attitude that are so crucial to its success.

And this is all before you even get to the full video commentary. One of the reasons I'm so excited about the full commentary is this: language goes past so fast that when people see me do change-work with someone, they often miss the key elements that make the difference.

Like I said, language goes by faster than you think!

So I've slowed it down, by pausing the video every 30 seconds or so & adding a full unpacking of the key elements that I'm working with, including:

  • Body language (Jill's and mine)
  • Language patterns, including time language & hypnotic language (Jill's and mine)
  • The sleight of mouth patterns, the most powerful belief-change patterns there are
  • The power of ambiguity (you'll hear me using powerful hypnotic language to feed Jill's keywords back to her in a way that uses ambiguity to go right under the radar!)
  • Sensory words & other external evidence of internal strategies (many people think that it's impossible to tell what's going on inside another person's head, but you're going to discover why that's not the case!)
  • The effects of the various questions I'm asking (you can see the evidence of this on screen)
  • Perceptual positions (in one section, you'll see very clearly how to use body language & perceptual positions to cause a complete re-evaluation of a person's past. It's like doing "Change Personal History" in a single sentence).
  • The keys to getting provocative strategies to work – without this, you can do real damage by being provocative.
  • The overall strategy & direction I'm following (including ecology framing & "super future pacing" - this ensures the changes you make will show up when & where you need them.)
  • Most importantly, I reveal the "Why?" behind what I'm doing & saying. This is the kind of product I craved when I was desperately trying to develop my linguistic skills. I had to rely on guesswork & listening to things over & over again, & it took me countless hours to develop my skills.

But now that you have access to this video commentary & the supporting materials, you can slash the time it takes to learn this stuff to a fraction of what it took me.

Conversational Belief Change using Sleight of Mouth LIVE with Exclusive Commentary - The Video

So here's what I want you to do.

When you get your video - the very first thing I want you to do is watch ONLY the first track. What you'll see is an elegant, fluid and effective example of these patterns being USED as we coach Jill using Sleight of Mouth.

It's impressive !

...then I want you to watch the session again, but THIS TIME I want you to watch the Commentary track. Now this isn't just having a director chatting in the background as you watch a movie. I pause the film every 30 seconds or so & then go through everything you've just seen & heard & unpack it so you can get inside the process of belief change.

...I virtually guarantee your mind will be blown wide'll be stunned when you realise exactly what's going on -- and because your mind will be wide open, you'll be ready to start receiving these skills directly into your cortex!

...and because I literally stop time in the commentary -- you'll be able to keep up with the changes as they happen and sooner than you think you'll be mastering this stuff...'re getting insight into how NLP really to use your language to create change...

This video will teach you how to DO Sleight of Mouth and Conversational Belief Change like no other resource ever has.

You're getting this unique video time-freeze training when you get your copy of the programme.

...but it doesn't stop there:

Conversational Belief Change - The Transcript

If you want to become like a brain surgeon about this stuff then you'll like this.

I've had the entire sound-track transcribed for you into a workbook so that you can go through it and start to map out where these patterns are being used...

...with this resource you can really study the patterns on paper. This is one of the things I did that really took my skills to the next level. But you can jump into the juiciest patterns right away

You get instant access to this vital document when you buy the video programme.

And who is this for?

  • Coaches
  • NLP Practitioners & Master Practitioners
  • Hypnotherapists
  • Trainers
  • Salespeople & Influence professionals
  • Teachers & educators
  • Speakers
  • Managers & Leaders
  • People who want to transform their beliefs & help others to be their best

So what's the deal?

The video normally retails for £147, & the transcript is worth £29.97, but when you buy the MP4 download programme today for £57, I'm going to throw in the full transcript as my bonus to you.

That's over £175 worth of the most powerful NLP language tools on the planet for just £57 (+ VAT if you're in UK or EU). That's half-price! And if you want a physical DVD, you can choose that as an option for just £97.

So let's recap. You're going to get...

  • Conversational Belief Change: The Transcript (real world value £29.97) containing every single word Jill & I say during our coaching session. This is a powerful resource you'll get access to the instant you pay for the programme.
  • Conversational Belief Change: The DVD (real world value £147), including...
    • The entire unedited coaching session with Jill, where I use numerous patterns to create profound belief-change.
    • A follow-up session with Jill, 6 weeks later, where you see me doing additional pieces of changework (this is a powerful learning tool in its own right)
    • The full "slowing down time" on-screen video commentary, where I unpack everything that's going on, giving you a tour of the inside of my mind (& Jill's) as you learn to use these patterns at the deepest level.