Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards Unpacked

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And then it dawned on me: Hearing Hypnosis In Action Is The Key To Unlocking Its Power

We've come up with a product that will allow you to acquire hypnosis skills rapidly and save money NOW!

How much would you like to:

  • Be a far more effective public-speaker, leading to improved career prospects.
  • Be a better conversationalist and storyteller, improving your social standing.
  • Be a better communicator, with happier relationships with family and friends.
  • Be a more effective ‘change-worker’, helping your clients and yourself even more.
  • Be far more influential, leading to more success in every area of your life.
  • Master the magic of hypnotic language, as easily as listening to a CD!

For years now, people attending Salad NLP Practitioner Trainings have been learning hypnosis and influence skills by playing card games using our Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards (our flagship product for accelerating your language skills).

People learn a variety of ways and experience shows that you can learn the powerful hypnosis language patterns very quickly by playing games using our Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards.

To help you tap into more power and understanding from the Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards, we designed an ideal companion product : the Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards Unpacked Audio Programme.

KEY SUCCESS FACTOR: The reason we're so excited about this new product is because our own research and product testing confirmed something you probably already know: The more sensory channels you engage in the learning process the faster you learn the material. This is why intellectual learning alone is often not enough to learn something thoroughly, & why learning hypnosis language by playing cards has been so effective and why Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards Unpacked audio programme will accelerate your learning still further.

Who this is for

If you already own a deck of Hypnosis Cards, but only get them out once in a while, & haven’t had the time to really wire in the patterns.

If you are already experiencing the benefits of Salad Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards then this Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards Unpacked allows you to accelerate your learning.

If you are new to NLP and hypnosis then the Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards Unpacked Audio programme is probably the fastest way to learn hypnotic language patterns you can buy today.

Hear Hypnosis Language Patterns in Action

Almost everyone learning hypnosis discovers that you have to hear hypnosis in action to fully comprehend its power.

In the Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards Unpacked Audio programme you won’t just listen to us outline 52 powerful Hypnotic Language Patterns – you’ll also hear us demonstrate how to say them for maximum effect.

When Richard Bandler and John Grinder modelled the world's greatest hypnotherapist, Milton Erickson, they noticed that he would weave many layers of meaning into seemingly normal conversations. This multi-layered style of communication would bypass conscious mind resistance and go straight into the unconscious mind – the mind that drives a person's emotions and behaviours.

(You’ll be able to hear us doing this in the introduction to the programme – by the time you’ve listened to the 2-minute intro a few times, you’ll notice that you’re beginning to hear commands, suggestions & layers of meaning that you missed the first time!)

Here are just some of the amazing abilities you'll learn when you listen to this audio programme:

  • * Master the “Secret Language” that is always going on under the surface of regular communication. When you learn what is really going on when you're communicating with others it will transform the way you approach talking to others.
  • Learn to direct a person's mental processes in a way that is the secret to influence and persuasion.
  • Create ‘subliminal messages’ in an ordinary conversation, elegantly and effortlessly. I call these hypnotic depth charges, and you have to hear how they are phrased to really grasp their power.
  • Create a powerful connection with a person by talking to them in a way that seems like you now their inner world completely. Cold reading is a skill used by Derren Brown and others to create the effect of knowing someone at a deep level. I'll show you some patterns that will help you achieve this same degree of rapport with a person.
  • Become a better storyteller. Capture people's imaginations and tell stories that are powerful. Learn to tell great stories and become a more interesting conversationalist.
  • Increase your covert influence skills. By employing these patterns in your conversations you can get more of what you want from your interactions with others.
  • Create instant rapport with others. Erickson was a master at conveying an understanding of the person he would talk to. We've modelled his patterns so you can achieve similar results.
  • Learn to use your most powerful hypnotic tool – your voice. A lot of the power of hypnosis lies in how you say words. I'll not only give you powerful patterns I'll demonstrate how to say them to achieve outstanding results.
  • Put people into trance! Hypnosis is the language of trance. I'll show you the patterns that Paul McKenna and other top hypnotists use to induce trance in other people.
  • Turn an ordinary conversation into one with impact.
  • Use the 'mind tricks' people use in their own head to win their agreement. Tune into how people use these patterns in their own heads.
  • Become a powerful 'changeworker'. Milton Erickson was often called a miracle worker because of how he could guide people to change their lives and rid them of their problems. These patterns are one of the keys to his powerful approach to change.

What you'll learn

One of the ways Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards Unpacked will help you learn to use the language of hypnosis faster is by grouping the 52 patterns into 12 highly functional categories:

  • Patterns for opening up multiple communication channels with a person so that while you're talking to them on a conscious level you simultaneously sending messages and commands to their unconscious mind.
  • Defensiveness-busters - Three patterns that will package your messages in ways that have maximum appeal to the person you're talking to, without triggering defensiveness (this is a key to getting your message heard!)
  • Imagination-drivers - In this section you'll discover an essential key for sending a person’s attention in a certain direction – then you’ll get six patterns that will help you do it with power and finesse.
  • The magic of being “artfully vague” – Hear you'll learn 11 specific patterns for directing the process of a person's thinking towards their (or your) desired outcomes.
  • Mind-reading – Have you ever been so in-tune with someone that it felt like they could read your mind? You’ll learn two subtle language techniques that demonstrate that you understand a person perfectly.
  • Frame-setters & Direction-setters – Use “unconscious mind logic” and the structure of beliefs to install ideas powerfully. In this section you'll find five patterns that will create profound meanings that sound so logical that people won't even question them.
  • The art of negation – Learn seven patterns to make your messages and commands irresistible. Get people to relax while gently leading their minds in the direction you want them to go (these are great with polarity-responders - people who want to do the opposite of what you suggest!)
  • I Don't Know... - Two patterns to lead a person's to direct someone's awareness and presuppose suggestions you want people to act on.
  • Quotes – A pattern that will help you tell a person anything you like and avoid resistance and conflict.
  • Tag Questions – Listen to a couple of ways that will enable you to structure statements that are really hard to disagree with.
  • Presupposition – Four patterns that will install suggestions in a person's mind by getting them to assume them from the outset. Erickson was a master at this and I'll walk you through how to phrase these patterns to make them stick inside a person's mind.
  • Stacking Patterns - Hypnotic language is a a combination of patterns and ideas to create a subtext. I'll guide you through eight pattern you can use straight away to induce magical effects in a person's consciousness.

If you've ever wondered about hypnosis, what it is and how you can use it in your everyday life then the Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards Unpacked audio programme will help you get started right away.

PLEASE NOTE The Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards are not included as part of this audio. Purchase the Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards here.