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"All of a Sudden, My Preconceptions About Wealth & Wealthy People Were Being Smashed to Smithereens!"

In a few moments, you're going to discover a fun, easy & very inexpensive way to transform your relationship with money, & start attracting more of the wealth you desire.

In a former life (in my current body!) I was a money specialist. I didn't start that way. I was trained in a totally different professional discipline. But I entered the finance industry, starting with local regional banking and progressing to lending millions. And during my financial career I was stunned to see how many people - inside and outside the industry - did not understand money. More precisely they didn't understand their own relationship to money.

The key to becoming wealthy is the way you think. When you change your psychology around money, you'll become wealthy.

"More money just amplifies a money problem."

So here are some questions to consider :

  • "Would you like to be able to earn more money, so you can have the things & experiences you've always dreamed about?"
  • "Do you want to get rid of your financial worries, & feel good about your money-situation?" (Most people have a constantly nagging fear about money & debt - most people are afraid to look at their financial situation.)
  • "Do you wish you could get more time to do the things you want to do, & to spend with the people you really care about?" (Almost everyone aspires to having time-freedom, & to saying farewell to wage-slavery).
  • "Do you want to get out of debt & stay out of debt?"
  • "Do you wish you could give more to the people you care about?"
  • "Would you like to feel secure about your financial future?"
You really can achieve true financial freedom. It's easier than you think.
"In most cases, when people make more money, they get deeper in debt. This is why money alone does not make you rich." Robert Kiyosaki, multi-millionaire & author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

SALAD has created a set of cards that use the language patterns of NLP to install the beliefs, attitudes, motivations & actions of wealthy people in your mind.

I'm curious to find out just how amazed you're going to be when you suddenly find your beliefs, attitudes & behaviours around money being effortlessly transformed.

Before I tell you about some of the ways your wealth will increase when you use these cards, I'd like you to stop for a moment, & imagine having the lifestyle you desire.

  • What does it mean for you?
  • More free time?
  • More disposable income?
  • A feeling of peace & security.

Whatever lifestyle you desire, I think you'll agree that money is an important tool for helping us get what we want.

"I just finished playing my first round with your new Instant Wealth Cards.....WOW! This set of cards clearly represents your level of skill and dedication to producing nothing but the best. I can't imagine anyone not becoming more wealthy with the use of these cards!" Vincent Harris, Professional Speaker, Author, and Consultant,
"Money's only important when you don't have any." Sting

Here's some of what you're going to learn

  • The outlook of people who are wealthy & happy. You'll discover how wealthy people use the power of self-fulfilling prophecy to increase their riches (King of hearts)
  • The mental focus that you can use to turn a small pile of money into a large one, but that most people accidentally use to increase their debts! (Queen of hearts)
  • People think you need money to make money, but you don't. What you really need is revealed here. A hint: you'll get a lot of it just by playing cards with the instant wealth deck. (Jack of hearts.)
  • The manifestation turbocharger. As you cultivate this attitude, you will start to see positive results in your life within days. This is one of the most powerful forces for wealth-creation, & can be applied no matter what your current circumstances are. (10 of hearts)
  • The hidden trap that stops most people from receiving wealth, even when it's virtually handed to them on a plate. If you haven't dealt with this, you may be keeping your wealth at bay. (9 of hearts)
  • The simple change of language that can reverse your fortunes. (8 of hearts)
  • A decision that can make it so the happiness you desire can arrive today.
  • Many people who are wealthy but unhappy don't actually know this. (7 of hearts)
  • The master key shared by almost all wealthy, successful people. (6 of hearts)
  • The trick that you can use to turn fear into confidence - most happy, wealthy people are also unusually confident. (5 of hearts)
  • The reason why many people on huge salaries are actually deep in debt, & the attitude that can start your wealth increasing, whatever your financial situation. (4 of hearts)
  • A message that will let you know it's OK to want what you want! Many people have been taught that it's bad to enjoy money or financial freedom, but it's OK. (3 of hearts)
  • The ultimate antidote to fear of failure. (2 of hearts)
  • The key to having a happy, wealthy tomorrow, by taking action today (Ace of hearts)
  • The shift of focus that can have a HUGE effect on your levels of energy & focus. (King of clubs)
  • The simple technique to shift your comfort zone into 'wealthy territory'. (Queen of clubs)
  • The secret of how wealthy, happy people talk to themselves - it really does matter what you say to yourself! (Jack of clubs)
  • The power of purpose for creating passion (10 of clubs)
  • A method to eliminate your internal obstacles to happy wealth (9 of clubs)
  • An approach to discover your natural motivation direction, then use it. (8 of clubs)
  • The 'imagine your ideal day' method for setting a compelling direction.
  • Think of how good you'll feel when you've got the level of wealth & lifestyle you desire. (7 of clubs)
  • We know it sometimes seems like there's a lot to do, so we've included practical approaches for dealing with overwhelm. (6 of clubs)
  • How motivated would you be if someone offered you a million pounds to sort out your financial situation? You'll discover how you can activate your millionaire motivation. (5 of clubs)
  • The ultimate wealth question - when you can say yes to this one, your wealth is on its way. (4 of clubs)
  • The key to doing the things which will make the very biggest difference to your levels of wealth, success & happiness. (3 of clubs)
  • One of the simplest, most powerful things you can do to positively influence your increasing wealth & abundance mentality. (2 of clubs)
  • The simple technique that people who are wealthy & happy do, & that people who are wealthy & miserable don't. If you don't know this, all the money in the world won't make you feel fulfilled. (Ace of clubs)
  • The missing link between money & emotions (King of diamonds)
  • The structure of money-beliefs, & how you can improve yours! (Queen of diamonds)
  • How your natural human ability to imitate may be working against you, & how you can change it to work for you. This is one of the simplest yet most profound changes you can make to bring more wealth & happiness into your life. (Jack of diamonds)
  • The 'money-mindset' of wealthy people that will ensure your experience of wealth is positive, effortless & enjoyable. (10 of diamonds)
  • The critical ratio that you can use to start increasing your wealth immediately. (9 of diamonds)
  • A vital attitude that will allow you to feel the sense of financial security you desire now. (8 of diamonds)
  • The secret that top sportspeople know for ensuring they can keep their cool under pressure. You may already be aware of this concept, but you may not have realised how important it is for developing your financial success. (7 of diamonds)
  • The daily practice that will create powerful new beliefs - failure to do this is the number one reason why people don't achieve the financial results they desire. (6 of diamonds)
  • The technique that will turn you into a money-magnet. How amazed will you be when more & more money starts finding its way to you??? (5 of diamonds)
  • Probably the most powerful money-metaphor there is. When I learned this from one of my wealthy friends, it instantly made sense of my relationship with money, & changed it forever. I've now applied it to nearly every area of my life, and it works brilliantly. You won't find this in books, yet it's one of the most powerful tools I've discovered. (4 of diamonds)
  • The attitude of value creation. This is how you ensure that you feel great about every penny you earn. (3 of diamonds)
  • The 'instant wealth' mindset. I struggled for years, but my goals always seemed a long way away. I never realised that my attitude was keeping them at bay. When you use the 'instant wealth' mindset, you'll discover it's closer than you think.
  • My favourite way to install a new belief. Experience shows that people tend to get what they believe they'll get. Limiting beliefs (usually inherited from well-meaning people) have probably been stopping you experiencing the wealth you desire. You'll discover the number one technique for changing them (Ace of diamonds).

I've told you about the hearts, the diamonds & the clubs, but I'm keeping the spades cards a secret. Why?

Because the spades reveal the 13 most powerful 'wealth-strategies' that we've found. These are the specific behaviours that will bring you wealth. I can't describe them here without telling you what they are - I'm generous, but not that generous! If you want to discover these 13 strategies, you're going to have to buy the cards.

"You can't get rid of poverty by giving people money" PJ O'Rourke

Before I show you the steps you can take to get them, I just want to clarify a couple of things:

Clarification #1 - Why do I keep talking about "happy" wealth?

You may have noticed that I mention the secrets of people who are wealthy AND happy. Why is that? Because in the course of my seven years of research, I've met many people who had a lot of money, but weren't happy. They were stressed & miserable. One of the myths of our society is "I'll be happy when I'm rich", but that doesn't appear to be true. So I made sure to pay specific attention to the beliefs, attitudes & behaviours of people who are wealthy AND happy, because that's what I want you to be!

Clarification #2 - Why have I put this information on a deck of playing cards?

People learn most when they're having fun. The Salad card decks are used by thousands of people around the world to learn things complex sets of skills, quickly, easily & automatically. Think about it. When you're a child, you learn to walk & talk, & you don't even know how you do it! As a child, you learn all kinds of things while you're playing, but you don't even think of it as learning! You're just having fun!

This is another first for Salad. With our other cards, we've helped people install powerful language skills & abilities. With these cards, you can make an enormous positive impact on your life, right away.

I genuinely believe that thousands of people will look back on the decision to buy these cards as one of the most positive & valuable moves they ever made. And not just for you! They'll make a fantastic gift for friends & family, that really will keep on giving amazing results long into the future.

And who is this for?

These cards are for people who want to develop a positive, healthy relationship with money, & increase their levels of wealth & wellbeing. No matter what your financial situation, whether you're deep in debt or a millionaire already, I personally guarantee you'll learn new ideas from these cards that will improve your financial situation and, more importantly, improve how you feel about it. Only purchase this product if you want to change your relationship to money forever!

What do you get?

Each set of cards includes:

  • 52 casino-quality game cards, each with a powerful wealth tip, installed using hypnotic language patterns!
  • 52 Money-Making Questions (MMQs) to reinforce the patterns on the cards
  • Full instructions for a simple game you can play with others to 'wire in' the habits, attitudes, beliefs & actions of wealthy people into your mind (you can also play Solitaire to practice the cards by yourself).