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All Through My Life I Was Told"Just Be Yourself" But No-one Ever Showed Me How

Back in 1994, when I first heard about NLP, I had no idea of how my life would unfold.

It took me 10 years to really appreciate NLP. Originally I rejected, and even got a refund on my first course. Then a decade later, I became quite seriously ill and when I recovered, I made myself a promise. I would approach everything with an open mind, especially the things I had previously rejected. Let me explain.

I was good at my job, and well-paid for it, but I didn't feel fulfilled.

I had a sense that there was something else I was supposed to be doing on this planet, but I had no idea what it was.

To make matters worse, I didn't actually believe that I could do anything else.

I could see how other people could follow their dreams, change jobs, start businesses, change tracks, find new careers, become entrepreneurs, but somehow I felt I couldn't.

I didn't have a clear direction for my life, but I wanted one.

But when I started to look at things new and things old with fresh eyes, something started to happen. I moved into much more people-oriented work, and with each move, my overall sense of peace and fulfilment increased.

And I discovered something very strange. I felt like a page had been left out of the manual.

My frustration with this situation sent me outside of the field of NLP and hypnosis, to areas as diverse as TFT, spirituality, reiki - my search was extensive. And in the course of that search, I discovered some keys.

The keys to success

These keys were so powerful, that they opened the doors that had previously been closed to me. All of a sudden, the NLP techniques worked for me. Amazingly, these keys also massively increased the power of the work I did with other people. The funny thing is, many of them were almost like cliches that I'd heard over the years, but no-one had ever shown me a way to put them into practice. Once I was able to do this, some astonishing things happened:

  • I began to spend more & more time in the present moment, and less time worrying about the future and the past.
  • I let go of limiting patterns & behaviours. Problems I'd struggled with for years started to disappear effortlessly.
  • My direction and purpose in life have become clear (they didn't arrive like a lightning stirke, but rather emerged as I began to relax and let go).
  • I was suddenly able to make sense of the results I'd been getting in my life, and make simple changes to start living the life I desired.
  • I stopped worrying & started enjoying myself. When I think about the future today, it's with a sense of excitement, anticipation, and enjoyment of the life I already have.
  • I am being true to myself. My whole life people said to me Just be yourself, but no-one ever showed me how. Now I know.


Today, I spend most of my days experiencing a deep sense of wellbeing, knowing that all is well. I had always worried that being in this state would make me de-motivated, and turn me into a "bliss-ninny" who sat around watching TV or looking at the clouds all day, but nothing could be further from the truth. I've accomplished more in the past few years than I did in the previous ten, and am enjoying every minute of it.

Share the journey

When I discovered SALAD's flagship training course, Live The Life You Desire, it was eerie how it mirrored many parts of my journey. It ran as a powerful 2-day course, and the results were amazing, so we decided to offer a complete audio recording of the two days. Here are just some of the results people have had from Live The Life You Desire.

  • A woman who had been going through a messy, painful divorce, and was unhappy about her size lost two stone in weight and established a cordial relationship with her ex-husband so they could settle their affairs.
  • A man who had been working for an company quit his job, went mountain-biking in South America, the returned to England and set up his own business.
  • An alcoholic stopped drinking and saved his marriage.
  • A man was able to connect emotionally with his son, and start having the father-son relationship he'd always wanted.

Don't just take my word for it - read what people who have already attended the training say:

I just wanted to drop you a quick line and say a massive THANK YOU for running your Live The Life You Desire course. Since I attended the course just over a month ago I have become much more chilled out and have made a lot of fundamental changes in my life which, until recently, either had not occurred to me or I had lacked the bottle to pursue ! I have set up my own business (have always wanted to be a Director of a company) and my house is now on the market as I will be moving to Monmouthshire after my Raleigh International expedition in Chile. Why ? Loads of Mountain Biking and running to be had ! Anyway, I don't know quite what hit the mark on your course but I feel really empowered and even more positive. Even my surfing has improved !!!!
Just a quick bit of almost instant feedback; Last night on the way home, Jo was surprised and pleased to notice that she was no longer talking to herself constantly about what she needed to do the next day. Instead she was able to watch the banana moon follow us home and really enjoy the journey. I have been finding myself wearing an inexplicable grin. I'm sure my voice has become louder and neither of us seem to give a monkeys about anything much (in a good way). So it all seems to be going rather well so say the least. I haven't seen Jo this relaxed and carefree for about 10-12 years !

Live The Life You Desire is not a re-hash of familiar NLP techniques, but rather a journey into the structure of change. It is not a theoretical workshop - it is experiential. We've placed warnings on this training in the past, telling people only to come on this workshop if you are truly willing to change. The same advice applies to the audio recording - THIS IS POWERFUL.