NLP Techniques Masterclass

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Enrich Your Toolbox with some of the Most Powerful NLP Tools there are

Now you have the opportunity to transcend your current knowledge of NLP techniques and discover how the masters of NLP use these techniques in ways that seem like pure magic.

Here's the story...

When I first started learning NLP, one of the things that really got my attention was this idea of the phobia cure. I had read about, studied and practised the phobia cure, but it was only when I was able to see the technique being used by someone who knew what they were doing, then practise it myself, that I was able to use this technique to get the changes that I wanted for myself and other people.

Over the years I have learned so many things that make a difference with the techniques of NLP, so I want to make this available to you.

Many people who have attended NLP practitioner courses feel they are not comfortable using some NLP techniques because they haven't had the opportunity to understand them, get confident with them and try them out.

What you will get from this course

In The NLP Techniques Masterclass, we're going to be doing a relatively small number of techniques so that you can really learn them in depth and develop real confidence using them.

  • A deeper understanding of NLP, hypnosis and how to run your own brain.
  • What experienced NLP practitioners look for and use to create profound changes in other people.
  • An understanding of how various techniques work together, the structure of why they work and how they get the effects that they do. Should an approach not work, you will know why it didn't work and also how to adapt the technique in ways that guarantee success.
  • How to re-programme the software that runs in your brain. Life can be much better when your mind is working for you and not against you. The techniques you'll learn on this course will show you better ways of dealing with problems in your life and how your mind is the key to overcoming them.
  • Develop a reputation for results by using proven techniques and develop the sensory acuity and flexibility to ensure the people you work with experience profound improvements in their quality of life.

Here are some of the compelling skills and techniques you're going to learn

  • The Techniques
    • The Fast Phobia Cure. A phobia is an intense experience that has a specific code in a persons neurophysiology. We will explore how the Fast Phobia Cure can erase habitual fear responses and how to maximise its effectiveness. We'll also look at troubleshooting and adapting the technique so you get the changes you want. You will also discover the steps and secrets to using the Fast Phobia Cure that make a huge difference! (You won't find these ideas in NLP books).
    • The Meta Mirror. Develop greater resourcefulness and understanding in relationships with this powerful technique. The Meta Mirror is excellent for improving relationships in all kinds of contexts: personal, friendships, family, work place, clients... After you've learned this technique thoroughly it can potentially transform your existing relationships. You'll also discover insights into overcoming problems you may have with difficult people. (This is one of the techniques that I use regularly in executive coaching sessions, & that has enabled me to charge such handsome fees!)
    • Change Personal History. The past doesn't exist, and that's great news! That fact doesn't stop old experiences intruding in people's lives. Change Personal History is a great technique to resolve issues that cause person to underperform in an area of their lives. We will explore how meaning is encoded in the brain and how to change the meanings of past events. You'll get plenty of practice changing personal history and use this technique to make changes inside yourself.
    • The Allergy Cure. One of the best kept secrets is that NLP has an Allergy Cure (it must be a secret because not many people know about it or know how to use it effectively). We will cover how to do this technique in a way that will allow you to learn new skills and develop your abilities to help people create positive changes.
    • Future Pacing - There is a real art to ensuring changes show up in a person's future. With permanent change in mind, we will delve into how Future Pacing can give people access to the inner resources they need when they need them. Future Pacing is a key technique for maximising the effectiveness of almost every NLP technique. By the end of the course you will have used Future Pacing so that any changes you make with the other four techniques will still be there in the weeks, months and years ahead.
  • Skills And Secrets From NLP Masters
    • Additionally, you'll learn a number of key things to look for and to be applying when using these techniques in any context. These are the techniques rarely talked about that masters of NLP use to stack the deck in their favour:
    • How to prepare and set up a change-work session The questions and skills that will help you get the leverage necessary to achieve the changes you want to make with the person you're working with.
    • The language to use while doing the techniques. One of the things you'll notice when you see an experienced NLP practitioner use these techniques is that there is purpose and structure to their language. You will learn what language to use to help embed the changes in a persons mind at a deep level and what questions you can ask to elicit the responses you want from them.
    • What to look for in the other person. Learn to see the tell-tale signs of change and the body language that reveals what's really going on inside the person as they experience the technique.
    • The power of gestures and your non-verbal communication. It is important to pay attention to what you're communicating to people non-verbally when coaching them or doing change-work. You'll learn exactly what gestures and body language to use in order to accelerate the change process and reinforce the desired changes at a deep level.
    • Use anchoring to accelerate the change process. At one level of the mind-body connection, humans are conditioned creatures. Use this fact to destroy unhelpful associations (anchors) and create powerful associations that ensure that the changes are permanent.
    • Powerful combinations of techniques that pack a one-two punch for personal evolution (for example, you'll learn a little-known phrase that you can use at the moment you fire a touch-anchor that can massively reinforce the changes you're making).
    • Of course, if you have phobias, allergies, relationship issues you want to sort out, or experiences you want to enhance, this is the perfect opportunity to deal with them once & for all

And here are highlights of what you're going to be getting the inside track on when you listen to these recordings.

On DISC ONE you're going to get...

  • The foundations for the whole programme. You'll hear me using powerful metaphors to covertly frame the entire programme & deliver covert messages to your unconscious for rapid learning & application of all this material, so you really get it.
  • An insight which will help you accelerate your NLP skills.
  • An understanding of how anchoring REALLY works, & the realisation that it works for everyone, whether they believe in it or not
  • The story of how powerful NLP tools like the Phobia Cure were actually invented, & why this is a key aspect of understanding how to get them to work for you.
  • The secret for getting you to ENJOY practicing NLP regularly (practice is the key to developing exquisite skills, but if you don't know the secret, then practice can seem like hard work).
  • Techniques to increase your sensory acuity.
  • An insight into some of the most powerful presuppositions of NLP & how they really work. (It's one thing to say There's no failure only feedback, but it's another thing to actually embody this in a way you believe you're going to discover how to make this your reality.)
  • In fact, you're going to find out how practical all the NLP Presuppositions (they're actually very down to earth when you understand them).
  • You're going to find out why so many NLP Practitioners come across as clunky & awkward when doing NLP. More importantly, you're going to get some distinctions which will ensure you don't fall into that trap.
  • The bottom line is, you're going to be getting insider knowledge on how to do this stuff naturally & generatively (by generative I mean not just for solving problems, but for creating greater possibility & quality of life).
    You're going to hear me walk through a powerful demo with Rich, a coach who wants more tools & confidence. This is one of a number of off the cuff demonstrations you'll be joining me for, where I make up NLP techniques on the fly.
    While you listen to the Rich demo, you're also going to hear me unpacking what I'm doing with him, so you can understand how to do this stuff yourself.
  • You'll round off DISC ONE with a guided tour of my NLP Language Essentials, the key language patterns for doing elegant NLP changework.

On DISC THREE you're going to get...

  • One of the most useful NLP questions that you won't find in the meta-model (you won't even find it in my NLP Coaching Cards). This is the ideal tool to use if you don't understand what someone's saying.
  • The importance of exchanging value. If you've been doing free coaching sessions, you have to know this!
  • The 3 characteristics of successful healers - when Robert Dilts modeled gifted healers from a variety of disciplines, they had these 3 qualities in common, & knowing what they are can dramatically increase your effectiveness.
  • The trap that NLP enthusiasts fall into that slashes their success rate, & how you can avoid falling into it.
  • How I used a magical monster stick to cure a child's fear of monsters. (It may sound weird, but the principles I used are actually key to doing powerful changework).
  • You're going to learn about mirror neurons you have gazillions of these in your brain, & they're what allow you to interpret what someone's feeling, get into rapport & even model complex behaviours.
  • A life-changing metaphor the Buddha gave to a man who was hurling abuse at him (you can use it for yourself if anyone says thing that make you feel bad).
  • I'll demonstrate the incredible Meta-Mirror Technique, with a woman who had negative feelings towards her ex-husband. Using this simple process, those feelings were transformed to feelings of warmth & acceptance.
  • You'll discover how to utilise a person's unconscious metaphors when you hear me demonstrate it real-time. In fact, by the time you've finished listening to this, you'll be hearing all kinds of metaphors popping up in people's language.
  • I also reveal the key to making your clients comfortable with your techniques (believe me I've done everything from taking CEO's up onto the rooves of buildings to having Sales Managers climb ladders, so I'm walking my talk with this).
  • We finish Disc 3 with a demonstration of Super Future Pacing, an incredibly powerful way of enriching your clients future (hint: you're going to use it to enrich your future too!)

On DISC FIVE you're going to get...

  • One of my newest patterns for influencing people, even when they've said it's absolutely not negotiable (I actually discovered this pattern the weekend this programme was recorded!)
  • The pattern I used to get one of the UK's most successful entrepreneurs to agree to coach me, minutes after they said they refused to coach people.
  • The power of detaching from outcome (it took me years to figure out this distinction, but you'll get it immediately).
  • More demonstrations & on the fly technique creation (you may have heard the idea that every behaviour has positive intention, but you'll see it in action here).
  • The reasons why you have to get their body involved (& how you can do it).
  • A demonstration of Change Personal History, a powerful technique to create resourceful responses in situations where you get anxious, frightened or unresourceful.
  • In fact, the demo subject is a woman who wants to leave her job & build a successful business so she can do what she loves. By using Change Personal History, we clear the blockages that had been holding her back so she can make BIG progress
  • You'll hear me introduce a powerful technique to help people build success habits.
  • We round off Disc Five with a covert tool to build rapid compliance & get people to move in a useful direction (this was modeled from Virginia Satir, but she didn't even know she was doing it!

On DISC SIX you're going to get...

  • Feedback from the people who have just tried Change Personal History for the first time (including a man who had been experiencing social anxiety)
  • How to use time language, including words & phrases that you can use to massively shift someone's perspective quickly. Time language is an incredible tool for getting leverage on someone's challenges.
  • You'll even hear me using a sentence that's so powerful, you can hold a problem or challenge in mind, listen to the sentence, & your reality will change (your problem may even disappear). It's so powerful it even worked on me when I was editing the recording!
  • How to use punctuation ambiguity to do time shifts in mid-sentence.
  • You're going to learn how allergies work, one of the keys to eliminating them.
  • Then you'll get to eavesdrop as I demonstrate the NLP allergy cure with a woman suffering from hayfever. It blew my mind when I learned that something this physical would respond to NLP.
  • You'll find out how I uncover secondary gain (if you've ever had clients who seem to resist change, this is often what's going on)
  • You'll also learn the essential pre-frames to use when working with allergies.
  • We round out Disc Six with a demo of Sleight of Mouth, the legendary verbal tools for conversational belief change (this is the Jill session that I ended up unpacking for our recent DVD release.

On DISC SEVEN you're going to get...

  • The rest of the Jill session, where you're going to hear the verbal gymnastics of Sleight of Mouth at full strength.
  • And finally, a closing trance to integrate everything you've been learning as you listen to these audios (WARNING: Do NOT listen to the closing trance while driving or operating heavy machinery).
  • I close off by taking you through a Super Future Pacing process to pre-programme yourself for success in using these skills.
  • Of course, this is just some of what's on the audios. When you listen for yourself, you're going to hear much much more..

Who is this course designed for?

  • If you're new to NLP then this programme is an opportunity to witness and experience the power of NLP first-hand.
  • If you're familiar with NLP then this programme will help you raise your NLP game to the point where you can use the techniques confidently on yourself and with other people to create rapid change. People who have done NLP training before will derive enormous benefit from exploring key techniques and skills more thoroughly than they may already have.
  • Therapeutic workers and psychotherapists. The mental health sector is increasingly under pressure and demand for quick results. This course will give those people a chance to take a more eclectic approach to change-work. NLP is based on what works and experience shows that using these ideas can often yield faster results than conventional approaches to therapy and change.
  • Coaching and personal development professionals. People in these fields will learn approaches to communication and change that will enable them to work more effectively with clients.
  • People who have trained as practitioners or master practitioners, but want more exposure and practice so they can get a real sense of confidence with the techniques
  • People who are curious about how human beings change and how NLP works
  • People who have a phobia, allergy, anxiety or relationship issue they want to sort out, or situation they want to enhance.