The Hypnotic Language Masterclass

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The Fastest Way There is to Learn Hypnotic Language & Become an Exquisite Hypnotic Communicator

Here are some of the things that effective use of hypnotic language can give :

  • Being able to develop rapport (the ‘trust me’ state) within moments, with individuals or groups, just by using a few well chosen phrases or sentences.
  • Getting people to go into trance in the course of a seemingly ordinary conversation.
  • Using a few words to unblock someone who’s in a stuck state and help them move forward.
  • Being able to instantly recognize peoples’ sensory systems and tune in to them immediately to get a deep sense of rapport.
  • A natural and seamless aspect of communications to guide people in the preferred direction

And yet this only works if it is done fluently and elegantly, almost without having to think about it. As it happens, many of the world’s most successful people are unusually skilled with language. Coincidence - not! Your ability to communicate exquisitely has a direct relationship to a number of things, including:

  • The quality of your relationships with others.
  • The material success you enjoy.
  • Your ability to reach your goals (and appreciate them once you have).
  • Your ability to influence yourself to be who you are and do what you love.
  • The amount of happiness, joy and freedom you experience in your life.

Does this all sound a bit ‘pie-in-the-sky’? Consider this – what would happen to your levels of success if you were able to…

  • Be a far more effective public-speaker, leading to improved career prospects.
  • Be a better conversationalist and storyteller, improving your social standing.
  • Be a better communicator, with happier relationships with family and friends.
  • Be a more effective ‘change-worker’, helping your clients and yourself even more.
  • Be far more influential, leading to more success in every area of your life.

Hypnotic language patterns are designed to communicate with your unconscious mind. In a way, they’re a tool for creating a meaningful communication between your unconscious and someone else’s unconscious mind.

As you begin to use the patterns with other people, your unconscious mind picks up feedback in real time. This means that your unconscious is learning, just by taking part.

Learning from books, and getting the concepts in written form, is great. And the reality is that a book can never give the deep unconscious learnings that build real skill. For that, you need experience.

The Hypnotic Language Masterclass

The Hypnotic Language Masterclass is your opportunity to take your hypnotic language skill to the next level. This is not a theoretical exercise. While you will learn a boatload of new ideas, the most valuable aspects of these audio recordings will be a) the genuine skills you can put into practice at the end of it & b) the ability to listen to it again & again, uncovering more & more covert examples of hypnotic language in action.

Here are just some of the things you’ll be learning:

  • How to use ‘Hypnotic Depth Charges’ to get people moving in the direction you want them to as if it was their own idea!
  • A covert approach to eliminate resistance that’s so much fun to use that your only problem will be how to stop from laughing out loud when you’re using it. I’m not going saying this is the most powerful technique there is, but it’s certainly one of the most enjoyable.
  • Tag questions, and how you can use them to make suggestions that are virtually impossible to disagree with.
  • Frame-setting. This probably the most powerful way to get massive leverage in the first few moments of your interaction, whether it’s with a client, a prospect, a family member or a friend.
  • Misdirection – this is a key skill learned by the world’s greatest magicians (Derren Brown is a master of it). What you may not know is that you can use it to help someone accept suggestions as though they are absolutely true. As you consider the benefits of deciding to learn this skill for yourself, you might like to think about where you’ll use it first.
  • Unconscious Anchoring – I use this simple yet incredibly powerful technique to anchor trance states and open up a direct communication channel with the unconscious mind in every training and coaching session I do. By the end of this training, you’ll be able to do it too!
  • Embedded Commands - By the end of the training, you’ll have had lots of experience of embedding commands to create ‘subliminal messages’ in an ordinary conversation, elegantly and effortlessly.
  • Trance Language – Of course! You will spend the day immersed in the language of trance. I’ll be demonstrating it constantly, which means your unconscious will get example after example of hypnotic language and how to use it. This, combined with the powerful exercises we’ll be doing here, ensures that you will see a big increase in your linguistic skills.
  • And a boat-load more! I mean it. It would take me hours more to describe all the fantastic skills you’ll be learning. Instead, I’m putting that time into making this the most powerful one-day language course ever. No matter what your skill level, you’re going to learn things you didn’t know before.
  • But more importantly … You’ll be able to do it! Intellectual knowledge is not enough. I’ve met literally hundreds of people who know a lot about hypnotic language. I’ve met very few people who can actually do it. How good does it feel to know that you can be one of the few who can?

Here are some of the specifics you’re going to start mastering as you listen to these audios & put what you discover into practice:

*Disc One*

  • A technique you can use to instantly & covertly calm yourself & the people you’re with in virtually any context.
  • Definitions of language that may surprise you (as top NLP Trainer Chris Hall says, “language doesn’t start at the mouth”).
  • You’ll hear me demonstrating covert frame-setting, pacing & leading etc (though you may not realise it until I unpack it later in the programme).
  • The key secret of the person who is arguably the world’s most skilled practitioner of NLP.
  • The powerful “learning laboratory” frame that allows you to experiment with patterns that would previously have been outside your comfort zone.
  • You’ll learn about “open-eye hypnosis”, one of the things that makes the conversational hypnosis you’ll be learning so very powerful.
  • The fundamentals of NLP – this framework will help you simplify your understanding f how to use hypnotic language in any communication situation.
  • The classic “hypnotic language mistake” made during the last elections that may have cost one party their victory! (You’ll also hear about a hypnotic language blunder that costs the mortgage industry millions every year).
  • The tricks of the mind that cause people to think something is more likely to happen once they’ve insured against it! (It’s worth knowing about this before you take out any more insurance policies).
  • The simple language pattern that makes what you want to say virtually impossible to disagree with.
  • A demonstration of conversational age regression (Milton Erickson used this technique to help people open up a sense of real possibility).
  • You’ll see absolute proof that you are capable of far more than you think you are!
  • You’ll learn how to use what I call hypnotic spacecake, words that get people to do so much processing that they instantly space out & become more suggestible.
  • You’ll discover how to use interesting relevant content to distract a person’s conscious mind, so that you can communicate directly with a person’s unconscious mind, the one who’s really running the show.
  • How to use non-verbal communication to let the person’s unconscious mind know “I’m on your side – I respect & understand the unconscious”.
  • You’ll also get access to the incredibly powerful (but little-known) frame Milton Erickson used to make sense of everything a client said & did.
  • You’ll experience process-oriented language in action. What happens when you imagine using artfully vague instructions to get people to do internal changework, NLP techniques etc, in the course of an ordinary conversation?
  • Get a handle on one of the most misunderstood NLP presuppositions (have you ever found it difficult to believe some of these presuppositions? You may just find out why, & how you can make sense of it from now on).
  • A simple exercise to massively increase your expressiveness.
  • The secret of increasing your flexibility.
  • And that’s just the first hour of this recording!

*Disc Two*

  • The power of deep congruence in your communications
  • The simple change you can make to your language that can have profound effects on your sense of wellbeing, instantly! (You can use this to help your clients quickly too).
  • What experts consider to be Milton Erickson’s most profound skill!
  • The #1 tip for using hypnotic language (you’ll also hear me demonstrate dozens of hypnotic patterns, completely unconsciously!)
  • Tips for wiring in hypnotic patterns – you’ll be inspired to make these automatic.
  • The reason why it’s OK to experiment with really weird language structures.
  • Pattern interrupts tracking what top NLP trainers are doing (when I discovered this, it massively increased my NLP & Hypnosis ability)
  • Fractionation, a powerful way to deepen trance.
  • The case study Milton Erickson’s supporters don’t want you to know about (even though it reveals something incredibly valuable).
  • Your hypnotic language generator (you may not have even realised that you have one, but you do. You’ll discover how to activate it).
  • Enriching your language with sensory words to make yourself more compelling.
  • How the idea that “The map is not the territory” actually works in your neurology.

*Disc Three*

  • The different types of hypnotic language patterns & how you can use them.
  • The thing you have to do before you can influence anyone else to do what you want the to do (if you don’t do this, you’re just moving your mouth).
  • The power of negation (this stuff is great with polarity responders).
  • The natural response that everyone has, & most people don’t know about (this will work against you unless you know how to harness its power).
  • The 3 characteristics of powerful healers – you can activate these for yourself.
  • Stacking hypnotic patterns together for powerful cumulative effects.
  • The reason why it’s OK to be overt with this stuff (in fact, you may be surprised to discover that you can be incredibly obvious & still get great results).
  • Using the language of time to build powerful commitment to your suggestions.
  • The counter-intuitive question you can use with people who say they don’t know what they want.
  • The keys to asking effective questions, including softeners & states & the ultimate “testing” question.
  • The “Inspector Morse” technique for creating powerful changes of frame.
  • Stacks of hypnotic language patterns, with examples you can use right away.
  • All kinds of ambiguities – did you know that these are a powerful way in to someone’s unconscious mind?
  • Plus tons of metaphors & stories (these are a great way of ‘camouflaging’ the language patterns you’re experimenting with – you’ll hear dozens of examples & see where you can put them into practice right away.)

*Bonus Disc*

  • Top tips for really using hypnotic language in your daily interactions (if you’ve been telling yourself “You really need to use this stuff”, but haven’t followed through, now’s your chance to do it.)
  • The awesome power of rapport
  • The technique you can use to create a direct route into a person’s unconscious mind.
  • The evolutionary principles that make practical everyday sense of NLP & Hypnosis.
  • The number one tip for getting people into a certain state (without this, the language patterns don’t work so well, but when you have this in place, your hypnotic language is like the icing on the cake).
  • How to use ‘analogue marking’ to send ‘subliminal messages’ (eg. embedded commands) to the unconscious mind.
  • One of the secrets of modelling new skills & behaviours (hint: you already do this, but not necessarily consciously).
  • How to get your unconscious on your side when you’re communicating.
  • How to learn quickly & enjoyably by playing with language.
  • How to break through the social matrix & embrace your deep sense of power (I didn’t even know there was a social matrix until I did this).
  • Debunk the myth that the unconscious mind doesn’t understand negatives (Yes, I know that you can’t not think of a pink elephant, but that’s not where it ends…)
You have a fantastic ability to change people's lives for the better, continue the amazing work. [Louise Hurdley, Trainer and Coach]
I totally agree, that we all must Do What We Love. In doing so, we too will flow with creativity. I am positive that my communication has already proven to be more powerful. I negotiated better terms during a recent deal. I am anticipating a positive outcome upon a ‘mini review’ that I played today, during a close. There is a wealth of information that you provide from your Salad website and from the course. Having attended the workshop a month ago, I am excited to further explore the development of my language, with powerful patterns of communication. Health and Vitality4life always use quality products and services. Please be assured I anticipate attending further courses with you. You have a wonderful venue with good local amenities during lunch hour. You offer plenty of course choice for any enquiring mind. May your success continue to help many more like me. [Ali Haynes, Director, Health and Vitality4life]

Did you realise that you can become one of the few people who can really use hypnotic language effectively?

Of course, this audio is also chock full of nested loops, covert & overt metaphors, embedded commands & boatloads of hypnotic language; we use NLP to start installing the attitudes & skills of NLP & conversational hypnosis while you listen (you still need to practice though!)

There are overt & covert demonstrations & a huge variety of NLP & conversational hypnosis patterns & techniques which mean you can listen to it over & over again, discovering new layers, skills & approaches every time.

There are also numerous demos – this is the difference between theory & practice – you even get to hear us screw stuff up occasionally! We're not perfect – we make mistakes too – that’s how we learn, & it’s how you can too.

Dozens of the NLP Coaching Card, Influence Card & Hypnosis card patterns – if you’ve read the cards but haven’t quite figured out how to use them elegantly in challenging situations, now’s your chance.

Who is this for?

I'll start (as usual) by saying who it isn't for.

  • It isn't for people who just want the theory but don't want to get their hands dirty.
  • Only purchase this product if you want to develop real skills & understandings.
  • People who work in the area of change or are studying it will obviously benefit, including NLP Practitioners, therapists, coaches, trainers, doctors, consultants and the like. These are a must for public speakers & anyone who does presentations or facilitation. Parents are also an obvious choice, & people whose friends or colleagues look to them for advice & guidance. People with management responsibility, or who rely on other people’s efforts to get their own results can benefit from getting better communication skills.
  • And of course, anyone who owns a deck of Salad cards, or is interested in language. This audio contains real-life examples of the patterns from the NLP Coaching Cards, Influence Cards & Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards in action. It is an excellent resource for supporting your language learning.