The Secrets of Hypnosis

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That's When I Said To Myself - You Have To Learn Hypnosis!

Some people are surprised to learn the principles of hypnosis underpin much of NLP.

Some are even more surprised to learn that many of the so-called presuppositions of NLP had been based on the beliefs and behaviours of Milton Erickson, the world's greatest hypnotherapist.

The ability to go into a trance, and to get other people to do the same, is a natural human capability. We all have the ability to enter altered states of awareness. Developing the skill to guide yourself and other people into those states is not actually as difficult as you may previously have thought. In fact, it's easy once you know how!

Some of the things people find exciting about learning hypnosis are :

  • Nesting stories inside stories inside other stories (called nested loops & stacking realities) for trance, influence and change (many comedians like Billy Connelly do this, but few understand why it feels so powerful, or how to do it).
  • How to get people to go into a trance during a seemingly ordinary conversation (the whole idea of covert hypnosis seemed like the coolest thing ever).
  • How to use the language of hypnosis (the Milton Model) elegantly, discreetly and most of all, effectively.

The Secrets of Hypnosis

By the time you finish this workshop, you will learn:

  • How hypnosis works: what its benefits are, and when to use it (whether with yourself, with individuals, or with entire groups of people!)
  • Ten rapid inductions: simple ways to get people into trance, fast!
  • The three barriers: these are the main obstacles to getting someone into a trance, and what you can do to eliminate them.
  • The language of trance: we'll wire in the patterns in a fun and powerful way. Prepare to be amazed as you find yourself using hypnotic language automatically!
  • Nested loops and stacking realities: lots of people talk about it, but very few can actually do it. You'll learn how!
  • Embedded commands: you'll discover how to communicate directly with someone's unconscious mind.
  • Your most powerful hypnosis tool: your voice. You'll learn the simple tricks that make a huge difference in how your voice affects others (including the way to open up the "command module" in someone's brain with every word you say!)
  • Utilisation: how to get someone into a trance no matter what's happening in the environment around you.
  • Conversational Techniques: How to use the patterns and principles of hypnosis during an ordinary conversation.
  • Conscious / unconscious dissociation: and how you can use it to rapidly create a "hypnotic relationship" with a person's unconscious mind.
  • Self hypnosis: so you can start to get all the benefits of hypnosis for yourself.
  • Ericksonian Techniques: Including positive double-binds, negation, ordeals and lots of other powerful techniques for getting people to go in a certain direction.
  • Pattern interrupts: including the legendary handshake interrupt, as well as others that are far more covert, but just as powerful (I use one of them on a regular basis, and no-one even notices! They just notice feeling good, and that whatever we do goes well.)
  • Hypnotic Metaphor: If you've already listened to SALAD products, you will know that they have a lot of stories. What you may not have realised is that they are one of the most powerful tools for communicating with the unconscious mind (that's part of how people learn so much so quickly on my trainings). You'll learn how to create powerful metaphors and use them to help people develop solutions, to persuade and to influence, or even just to clarify a point.
  • And tons more: This is not a theoretical training - it's about developing skill. No matter where you're starting from, you will see a significant increase in your hypnotic abilities during the course of these recordings.

And who is this recording for?

I'll start by saying who it isn't for. It isn't for people who want to come away with a purely theoretical model of hypnosis.

  • This is for people who want to learn hypnosis and put what they've learned into practice. It will be of particular interest to NLP enthusiasts, coaches, trainers, influence professionals, hypnotherapists, managers, presenters, people-helpers the list goes on.
  • Basically these recordings are for people who want to take their communication ability to a new level, and start discovering the magic of what's possible for human beings.
  • If you have already learned hypnosis, but would like to go deeper into the domain of Ericksonian Hypnosis, learning conversational approaches etc, this will be of particular interest to you.