We're not here for a long time. So we should make it a good time.
SALAD helps you to make the changes you need in your life, and helps you to help others, friends, family, colleagues and clients.

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extensive learning materials

no obstacle other than inaction

Video and Audio Products

Downloadable resources to help you on your journey of change.

Card Decks

SALAD has a famous series of Card Decks, which make all the training you've done come to life.


We used to do 'bums on seats' courses. They were great. But the world has changed, with time out to travel and learn is a luxury which many no longer have. So we are buuilding a fresh online course, with personal support. Coming soon.

Coaching / Mentoring

We take on a limited number of clients to coach them through problems, or mentor them on their business or personal journey. It's not a cheap option, but it is a great one. Reach out to us with what you're looking to achieve. We will give you an honest assessment and an unbeatable proposal.

Do what you love. Love what you do.

I've worked in business for 40+ years.

At times, it's nearly killed me.


So I realised I could not carry on blindly, and I learnt NLP and Hypnosis.

I then became a Trainer.


It's fair to say that NLP has been key to achieving a level of happiness that I would otherwise not have been able to.


And it's made me a sizeable amount of money, by applying NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis to practical real-world business challenges.


Salad Seminars doesn't follow the traditional path of many in the industry.

We are not interested in "apeing" other coaches, trainers and social media marketing.

Our mission : free the individual to lead their best life, whatever that means.


No hard-selling. Life's too short.

Tim Considine - CEO - Salad Seminars


Salad Seminars is a trading name from First Option Ltd, a private company with 30+ years experience of delivering innovative business and IT services.


Our 'global headquarters' (yes, we're being humourous) are in the beautiful Georgian town of Alresford, Hampshire.


We've been involved in IT projects since the days when modems made funny noises.
Working in the business world, we became clear that managing your state is key, not only to business success, but also personal growth
We acquired Salad Seminars from its founder, Jamie Smart, in 2013.
We believe everyone deserves good mental wellbeing.