Questions ?

Where can I buy products ?

The SALAD shop is at [shop.saladseminatrs,com](
Let us know if you can't find what you're looking for.

Where do I get the Card Decks App ?

The latest 2023 version of the app for Apple's iOS platform is released, and available for phones and iPads.
Search the store for "Salad Card Decks" or just click here for the iOS store
The 2023 version for Android is being finalised.
We will add the link when it is released.

can I get a refund ?

All product sales are final, because once you have it, you have it.
Faulty product will be exchanged.
App purchases are in line with each app store's permissions.

I am outside the UK. Can you ship to me ?

Shipping to the UK is, of course, not a problem.
We also ship to Europe, USA and Canada, but customs charges may apply.
Let us your know your location, and we'll see if we can ship physical product to you.

what is your privacy policy ?

where can I get support ?

There is a page about help & support inside the app (look in the side menu, accessible from the top left button).
Also click Support Page
Support is also available by email.
Any other support ? Reach out by email.

how do I pay ?

Apps are purchased through the relevant app store
Other products in the shop have a button to purchase with debit/credit card via Stripe