privacy policy

let's keep this simple

We don't secretly collect any data on you from our iOS app, or anywhere else.

We only store what you explicitly give us, through registering, buying or subscribing.

We don't share anything you give us, and we will delete it if you ask.

(except for what we legally have to keep for financial auditing)

Here is the detail.

Privacy Policy

  1. Registration or subscription is optional.

  2. We don't have any interest in who you are : get a masked email address if you are worried (check out SimpleLogin).

  3. We only offer registrations or email subscriptions so that we can keep you informed about any news of the Salad Card Deck app, or other relevant Salad products or offers.

  4. We don't sell, lend, lease or otherwise share your data with third parties for any purpose.

  5. We don't collect any information about you as an individual other than what you decide to share with us, and you give that consent when you submit your registration form.

  6. Whether you register with us or not, we reserve the right to collect anonymous metrics on how the app is being used, for the purposes of analysing performance and usage, for further development and for the purposes of preventing abuse of the app or its contents.

  7. You can contact us if you wish to withdraw your consent for us to store your contact details after registration. Please see our Contact page.

  8. If, despite all that, you are not happy with these terms, there is one simple solution. Stop using the app and delete it. Unsubscribe from email lists. Ask us to delete your data.